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Toll Manufacturing
Elite Pharma has established a consolidated base of toll manufacturing contracts with various reputable manufacturers in Egypt equipped with the latest technology, state of the art manufacturing facilities along with sophisticated laboratories for testing & analysis. In our endeavor to meet the expectations of the market and to meet the quality standards for International norms we lay a special emphasis on high standards of quality and keen precision in the selection of all our manufacturing partners.
Elite Pharma current & Pipeline portfolio extends to cover a widely diversified therapeutic areas by which our sales force have established an extensive base of lines of communication with different key specialties
Elite Pharma operates throughout all governorates with its sales force covering all districts’ hospitals, clinics & medical centers.
Trade Agencies, Direct Importation & Export

Elite Pharma seeks strategic collaborations to expand its product business portfolio and to combine our strengths with those of others who look for partners to help develop and commercialize therapeutic products for the Egyptian & neighboring markets. To this end, we search globally for innovative product developers with a clear goal to accelerate the process of bringing novel products to market.

Elite Pharma has established Business Alliance Agreements with:
• Clinova UK
• Axxo Germany
Elite Pharma management team and registration staff are well experienced personnel with an extended background & consolidated professional relationship with the regulatory authorities.
Elite Pharma has its business alliances with the leading distribution channels in the Egyptian market ensuring a nationwide coverage that provides a distinguished customer service & satisfaction.
We consider all opportunities that meet our criteria for partnering, clearly defined innovative products that address unmet medical need, and where patients can be positively impacted. Our entrepreneurial culture and commitment to meeting the needs of patients drives us to explore business opportunities in different therapeutic segments & to bring significant value to our business partners.
We are exporters of pharmaceutical finished formulations to different markets ( Africa – Yemen) . Elite Pharma is poised to explore the opportunities offered by the Global markets for export business & partnership. .
We are looking for business associates all over the globe to market our products on exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Our products are manufactured by WHO-GMP manufacturing sites. We are committed to provide our best services to our customers by fulfilling their requirements and satisfying their needs.

We at Elite Pharma value sharing the vision of the other pharmaceutical companies who seek our efforts & capabilities for commercialization and developing marketing strategies for its specific portfolio through a well trained, skilled & dedicated sales force & marketing teams.
A group of experienced candidates in the industry, who are capitalizing on solid multinational experiences in the field of sales, marketing, promotion and distribution, will manage the promotion process to secure strategy implementation & objectives achievements.
Our policy is to establish an entirely dedicated business unit for each of the Co- promotion contracts with its management, sales, marketing, medical, & supportive personnel. Elite Pharma management team comprises all required professional & experienced elements to meet such objectives.

Marketing campaigns:

We also develop marketing plans including detailed market analysis, estimation of market potential, competitive benchmarking, product positioning, strategy development, marketing programs and promotional campaigns, designing advertising programs, development of promotional materials, monitoring and control and investment plans.

Product analysis and evaluation:

We Conduct a comprehensive desktop analysis for current and new products, in order to assist our partners in the decision making process of product promotion, advertising campaigns, target market, size of investment, and product line pruning.
Feasibility studies:

We conduct marketing feasibility studies and product evaluations to assist our clients in their decision-making process concerning new companies, product development and testing, evaluation and analysis of market share and use of product ranges.
The analysis takes into account the economic situation, therapeutic categories, and market potential and competitive forces to produce recommendations and forecasts about commercialization, brand management, pricing, revenues and investment plans.

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